Take these easy Steps to Register for our competitions.

  1. Register your Club/Studio or School to the website.
    • Once you are registered you will have access to our competitions page.

  2. Select the Competition you wish to register for and download the Registration form (Excel spreadsheet) onto your computer and save it.

    • a) Complete the top portion with your Club / Studio or School Information
    • b) Complete the total number of athletes you are registering (total of all teams) in the appropriate box.
    • c) Complete the number of “additional” coaches you are registering, the first two coaches are no charge so do not include these 2 in your ''additional coaches'' number.
    • d) Note: Taxes and Totals are automatically calculated for you.

    • a) Complete a Liste D’Equipe/Team List tab for each of the teams you are registering. (1 team per tab) for the number of teams you are registering
    • b) If a team is competing for a bid offered at the event, ensure that you have selected that checkbox.

  5. Once your Spreadsheet is completed, save it on your computer.

  6. Select REGISTER to upload your completed registration form.
    • • Once we have received your registration form you will receive an email notification that you have been registered.
Payment can be made via e-mail transfer to info@sapphireproductions.ca or by cheque
  • please ensure full payment is received prior to the deadline indicated to qualify for the published rate.

***Once registered for a competition, all changes to team rosters can be done through the "My Competitions" page by downloading your previously submitted file, modifying it and submitting it through the "Upload Updated File" page.***